The process of outsourcing specific business functions to a third party is called Business Process Outsourcing. Businesses can outsource the core and non-core business functions. MNC Consulting Group, give opportunities to companies to explore skilled talents from us and at a lesser cost. We provide flexible services in terms of deliverability, costs, meeting deadlines and implementing technological advancements.

Our clients contract us to perform some specific tasks as a cost-saving measure for tasks that a company require but does not depend upon to maintain their position in the organization or market place.


Our clients outsource the following range of services from us;

  • Payroll administration
  • Finance and accounting
  • Tax management
  • Internal audit function
  • Human resource administration
  • Business application processes
  • Business startups incubation
  • Business transformation
  • Company secretarial services
  • Procurement
  • Inventory management
  • Information technology solution
  • Property management
  • Assets and investments management

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