Our startup incubation program supports entrepreneurs launching new startup ventures over the incubation period. Incubation accelerates the development of startups through calculated risk-taking, lean-startup methodologies and best practices.

Under our incubation program, we offer a unique and highly flexible combination of business development processes and people designed to nurture startups by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult and vulnerable early stages of development.

We provide direct access to hands on intensive business support, access to finance and experts and to other entrepreneurs and suppliers to really make businesses and entrepreneurs to grow.

Our goal is to increase the chance that a start-up will succeed, and shorten the time and reduce the cost of establishing and growing its business.

We achieve our goal through our Startups Incubation Model above.

We team up with you to accelerate the development of your startup and provide you with a tailor-made consulting package with maximum flexibility, clear deliverables, and measurable outcomes.

Your benefits:

  • Use our services on demand for optimal flexibility.
  • Work with different experts at the same time whilst building your startup.
  • Use a jointly developed business service package tailored to your business targets.

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