At MNC Consulting Group, we understand that property is a valuable resource, which requires daily attention. In order to get an optimum return from your property, we take a cohesive and committed approach which protects your interests and safeguards your income. Property management is about three things;

  • Maximising value of the property
  • Reducing costs of the property
  • Increasing returns from property

This philosophy is at the heart of our approach to every property under our management.

We pride ourselves in having extensive knowledge of each property under our care and achieve this through daily involvement, site staff, and regular visits to the premises. This means that you can relax knowing that the information you receive from us is based on direct experience of your property. We demonstrate that by improving fiscal controls and enhancing letting profiles, additional opportunities to maximise rental income and value will arise.

We guarantee that using us as the interface between you and your tenants will save you time and reduce your administrative burden. We maintain this promise by giving you one single point of contact for every aspect of our management service. As professional advisors, our unique insight into the aspirations of your tenants means that we develop management strategies that maximise the value of your portfolio through offering the following services;

  • Rent collection and debt recovery
  • Full-Service charge management
  • Common areas management
  • Tenant relationship management
  • Health & Safety consultancy


We supply independent advice to individuals, family trusts and self-managed super funds on their allocation to property across the following categories;

  • Residential Property (when timing is right)
  • Commercial Property
  • Industrial Property
  • Special Purpose Property
  • Commercial Property Syndicates
  • Development Property Syndicates
  • Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Appropriate Investments

Furthermore, our independent status means that we can ensure that the management regime complements your intended strategy for the property, and by putting in place effective service agreements we safeguard your property value for the future by;

  • Maximising net income
  • Simplified reporting system
  • Budgeting and cost management
  • Property enhancement and refurbishment advice


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