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Business Plan Formulation

 Translation of a business idea or thought into a reality is not an easy task. Not only does it require discipline but also a good understanding of the environment where the business is created.

Business Plan

Even though business opportunities may be identified, it requires one to have a clear vision by setting the objectives and identifying the possible barriers that might be encountered during the process and may hinder the successful progress of the business.

Business plans depend solely on the purpose and necessity behind each one as well as the complexity of the industry of the business. With this in mind, there are three main types of business plans identifiable and that we facilitate in preparation:

  1. Short business plan – This plan is best suited for young companies which do not have complex interrelations and they are in the early stages of their development.
  2. Extended business plan – We conduct in depth market analysis, revenue, cost and financial planning to prepare this kind of plan since it is more profound and detailed than the first type.
  3. Operational business plan – Our industry experience helps us in drafting this kind of plan for the well-established companies. This kind of a plan is very detailed due to the vastness of the company and its operations.

We ensure a systematically elaborated and regularly updated business plan because we understand its importance in:

  • Justifying and describing the business idea and further business development in a clear and adequate manner
  • Seeking finance or venture capital finance
  • Winning major customers or agreements with particular suppliers with intentions to take steps towards success and growth
  • Internally facilitating the management to efficiently and effectively plan the use of resources in a structured way

Planning a business usually minimizes the element of surprise in the operations of a business by adequately making preparations before entering into the venture. We have high-end experience and expertise and exercise professionalism as acknowledged by our clients in carrying out investigations to facilitate the drafting of a reliable business plan. We have set our focus to enabling smooth operations of a venture by enabling the entrepreneur to crystalize and focus on the idea as we do the market analysis.

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