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Tax Disputes Resolution

In the current world, tax disputes, tax investigations and tax audits are almost inevitable.

Tax Disputes Resolution services

This is mainly influenced by constant pressure on Tax Authorities by their respective governments to increase revenue collection and meet set targets. In some instances, compliance to the tax laws may also prompt a tax audit to ascertain the accuracy of the declared transactions.

In Kenya, tax disputes may arise due to:

  • A tax assessment issued by Kenya Revenue Authority. The tax assessment can be made as a result of in-depth audits or discrepancies noted through routine checks,
  • A difference of opinion in interpretation of facts,
  • Malicious actions by a KRA representative or representative of the firm,
  • Discrepancies between corresponding VAT transactions declared by sellers and buyers and,
  • Classification of allowable and disallowable expenses in annual Income Tax returns

Our tax practice is designed and implemented in a manner to act as a deterrent to tax disputes. Our team of professionals will help you prevent tax disputes by identifying and mitigating possible risks that may result to tax disputes.

In the event that our clients are faced with a tax dispute, we help them challenge and resolve the disputes in an amicable manner. Mismanagement of tax disputes may proof to be costly, disrupt business operations and in extreme circumstances, may cripple business operations resulting to closure of the business. Our role is to ensure that the tax disputes are resolved quickly in the most reasonable possible outcome that favors our client, allowing them return to their business operations.

With our comprehensive understanding of taxation and tax procedures we handle each tax dispute according to the facts of the case in varied ways which include;

  • Raising objections with the Commissioner against done assessments,
  • In instances where the objection decision is unfavorable to the client, we place an appeal with the Tax Appeals Tribunal (TAT),
  • In the TAT, we submit an application requesting the Commissioner for the dispute to be handled through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR),
  • If we fail to reach an amicable agreement at the ADR, we further pursue the case at the TAT with the aim of pushing to get a favorable outcome or ruling,
  • In the event that the ruling mandates our clients to pay the tax liability in query, we make an application for a payment plan requesting for the tax liability to be cleared in instalments spread over a period of time to be negotiated on and,
  • Our firm also handles all other queries raised by Tax Authorities

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