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Tax Compliance Services

Tax compliance is being aware of and observing the tax laws and requirements set by the government and/or tax authorities of a country/state. Non-compliance with the tax law attracts penalties, fines, and interest.

At MNC Consulting Group (MNC), we ensure that our clients are aware of and are observing all the tax laws for all their tax obligations in a timely and efficient manner.

Our tax compliance services not only simplify the complexities and uncertainties surrounding taxation as a whole but also, are crafted in a way that enables mitigation against any potential tax exposure.

Our dedicated team of experts helps our clients:

  • Monitor and navigate changes in tax laws, regulations, and reforms
  • Compute and submit taxes owed by the tax authorities
  • Ensure that taxes are paid on time
  • Interpret and understand tax laws and regulations
  • Keep track of industry trends and changes related to taxes
  • Assist our clients in securing refunds where applicable in case they have paid excess taxes
  • Facilitate acquisition of Tax Compliance Certificates (TCC) from tax authorities
  • Registration and deregistration of varied tax obligations with relevant tax authorities
  • Application for the dormancy of tax obligations if the company is no longer trading and subsequent reactivation of the tax obligations when the company starts trading
  • Negotiation of favourable payment plans for pending tax liabilities with tax authorities
  • Application for waiver on penalties and interest based on reasonable grounds

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