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Family Business Advisory

A company’s most valuable asset is its employees. We provide a full range of sharp minded HR solutions that will strive to help your organization confront HR challenges head-on.

Many of the most respected and best performing companies in the world are family-owned. With their long-term vision and high capacity to create employment, family businesses are a major growth driver in most national economies and make unique contributions to society in general. Despite their inherent strengths and global economic significance, family-owned companies face unique vulnerabilities.

We have surfaced with a framework that provides a first step towards answering major questions raised in the nature of the family firms. We provide support and act as a major resource for this kind of ventures. We work hand in hand with our clients to beat the main challenges faced by family firms such as problems associated with personal ties.

We endeavor to overcome  discord among the family members that may bring forward their business like:

  • Generational transitions;
  • Major investment decisions;
  • Appropriation of profits;
  • Developing visions missions and goals.
  • Growth and preservation of family wealth

In order to deal with these issues comprehensively, we take the following steps:

a) Review and assessment

The first step in our work with clients is to conduct an assessment of their family business system. Therefore, the only way that we can provide useful advice is to get a full understanding of the specific strengths and challenges that family businesses face.

b) Business and family governance consulting

As your advisors we bring global knowledge and experience to help you craft the appropriate governance frameworks and define the limit of these bodies. Based on a clear assessment of the strategy and ownership structure, we proactively assist our clients in competency-based selection of independent directors and advisors to bring these governance mechanisms to life.

c) Founder and next generation transitions

Founder transition is an emotional and challenging issue that faces every family business at some time. Each generational transition in advance is critical to the continued success of the business. We assist family companies in planning for transition by obtaining an accurate picture of existing family talents, and their motivations, benchmarking them against the best available internal and external resources, and analyzing their potential of the business and vision of the family.

d) Family and non-family business succession

Succession is one of the biggest infection points in a family business. Getting it right is critical. Therefore, succession needs to be planned well in advance and the process needs to be executed thoroughly. We work with the key stakeholders to prepare a succession process that encompasses both internal and external candidates and ensuring that the role and responsibilities are clearly articulated and understood.

e) Assured results

We pride ourselves on the fact that most of our client relationships are long-term. We earn our loyalty by being energetically responsive to your needs and tenaciously committed to the legacy and ongoing success of your family business. We perceive ourselves as an equal, global partner. Our values and philosophy are very similar to family firms and we are uniquely qualified to understand the governance and succession issues of family business environments.

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