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Tax Planning

At MNC Consulting Group (MNC), we guide our clients through the process of tax planning whose aim is legally to reduce the tax liability of the firm by use of a mix of tax strategies while efficiently and optimally utilizing the available resources.

Our dedicated team of experts plays a vital role by:

  • Keeping track of industry trends and changes of tax environment
  • Determining tax savings and recommend strategies to improve profits
  • Evaluating tax regulations and suggesting policies that diminish the tax burden
  • Ensuring that the laid down tax structures minimize the occurrence of tax disputes with tax authorities
  • Ensuring that the clients engage in activities that have tax incentive that in turn reduces the tax payable

Our tax planning strategies fall into one of the following categories:

  • Permissive tax planning;is tax planning under various provisions of the taxation laws. In this, we make use of measures such as tax deductions, tax incentives, tax reliefs, and exemptions to save on taxes.
  • Purposive Tax planning;in this, we make use of tax planning strategies with a particular objective in mind. It is aimed at ensuring maximum benefit and/or optimal output from an investment.
  • Long-term tax planning; we developed tax measures that are adopted at the beginning of a financial year. The impact of the measures does not occur immediately but rather after a long period of time.
  • Short terms tax planning;we help craft tax strategies and measures that are adopted at the end of the financial year or in the event that there is an extraordinary transaction.

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