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Recruitment and Selection Outsourcing

The competitive advantage of a business is largely dependent on the expertise and the skills of employees. At MNC Consulting Group HRM Limited we understand that one of the major issues facing enterprise management is obtaining quality human resource. The fact of the matter is that the employees drive firms to achieving corporate objectives, and therefore, the best have to be selected.

In the recent past, outsourcing has presented a common way to increase business performance, efficiency and effectiveness in resource allocation and utilization. In literature the term RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is used for denoting the outsourcing process of recruitment and selection of employees.

Why consider RPO in your firm

Truth be told that hiring is becoming more and more volatile in the current environment which is making it more difficult for employers to fill in new manpower.

Through RPO, our clients are able to transfers all or part of their recruitment processes to us. Our human resource specialist have well integrated methodologies and reporting tools to deliver an exceptional RPO service. Our experience in the field will enable your firm to weather out of common challenges and enjoy benefits such as;

  • Increasing cost efficiency revolving around recruitment and selection,
  • Enable your firm to concentration on the core business activities,
  • Access to expert services and perspectives which will minimizes time of recruitment and selection and,
  • Simplifying organizational structure.

What we are offering

Resources are scarce and while most clients know what RPO is and the benefits accruing from the same, few can actually relate to the variables herein. Therefore we have embraced a culture that is flexible to the complexities posed by the recruiting environment to ensure we give our clients top notch talent.

During recruitment, our team is well abled to;

  • Analyzing job requirements,
  • Advertising the vacancy,
  • Attracting candidates to apply for the job,
  • Scrutinizing applications and,
  • Shortlisting candidates.

During selection, we are able to;

  • Eliminating unsuitable candidates,
  • Conducting of examination through aptitude test, intelligence test, performance test and personality test,
  • Conducting interviews and,
  • Checking references.

Why choose us and why we are unique

The services that we render are flexible and competitive in nature to ensure we meet our clients’ needs sufficiently. Furthermore, we have adopted the latest technologies in managing this scarce resource effectively and efficiently. Here at MNC Consulting Group HRM Limited, we help our clients forecast staffing needs and plan the necessary resources to respond to these needs. We are proud of our past achievements that have enabled us to tap into diverse industries which have further hastened our confidence in recruiting and selecting of candidates.

Human resource is a one of the most important resources in any organization and therefore, developing and reinforcing cultures surrounding this should be handled with utmost professionalism and competence.

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