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The Joy and Excitement in Entrepreneurship

What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is described as the “capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit” The people who engage in the entrepreneurship process are called entrepreneurs.

Reasons for engaging in entrepreneurship

  • Control: Entrepreneurs want to be their own boss;
  • Ambition: Entrepreneurs want to start something from scratch and develop it; and
  • Financial: Entrepreneurs see an opportunity to earn more money

Requirements of becoming successful in entrepreneurship

  • Strong will, endurance and patience;
  • A business concept or idea involving a product, service, process, or new technology;
  • A business plan that breaks down the idea into processes and phases;
  • People to support the work, whether as employees, vendors, or advisors;
  • A process by which the product or service will be delivered, or the technology will be developed; and
  • Enough money to support the development of the idea to the point that it generates revenue.

Factors to consider when deciding the kind of entrepreneurship to venture in

In considering what kind of business to start, an entrepreneur needs to assess:

  • Their interests;
  • Their background and experiences;
  • Their financial resources;
  • Unmet market needs;
  • Problems they can solve; and
  • Their network and connections.

The benefits of entrepreneurship

     1. It gives a great amount of freedom

If you start your own business, you will be able to make your own demands and set your own schedule. You dictate everything you do, giving you a level of freedom that is not possible in formal employment.

     2. Give rise to self-actualization: You believe in what you do

Working in entrepreneurship is inspiring. Instead of being a component in the wheel for a giant, hierarchical corporation, you are able to see your ideas make a difference and contribute to the construction of a brand-new business.

      3. It can be exciting

Entrepreneurship can be very exciting, with many entrepreneurs considering their ventures highly enjoyable. Every day will be filled with new opportunities to challenge your determination, skills and abilities.

    4. It allows you to set your own targets and returns

You will be the one setting your own wage and making investments when you own the business. You could end up significantly increasing your income.

    5. It offers flexibility.

As an entrepreneur, you can schedule your work hours around other commitments, including quality time you would spend with your family and/or friends.

      6. Gives a chance to choose your work environment

Don’t expect to always be working from inside an office while working for or creating your own start-up. Entrepreneurs and other start-up founders often work from home or while traveling, instead of within an office. This is a great way to be able to experience a change in scenery and break up the monotony of always working in the same space.

      7. You get to see your work change the society

Part of what an entrepreneur does is solve problems. They make something more efficient, provide a better service or build a new product that helps people in their everyday lives.

    8. You become an opinion maker and a business leader

Being able to see how your business has contributed to the local economy and provided jobs is incredibly rewarding. Your role as a business leader in your community is important and respectable.


Reason of failure in entrepreneurship

The entrepreneur may lack the patience to wait until the business is established

The business need to be given adequate time to establish itself and start building profits.

Lack of a business plan hence poor planning

Without a business plan it is not easy to identify potential problem areas and so chances of failure are higher.

Poor financial planning may lead to failure of the business venture

If the venture is under-priced, the company will not be able to maintain operational expenses and eventual it fails. If it is over estimated and there is too much money available, chance of misusing it are high.

It requires you to dedicate a huge amount of time

One big challenge in starting your own business is the amount of time you have to invest in it. For it to be successful, you have to take a level of time commitment that many people are just not willing to make.

It can be difficult to compete with other businesses

It is very important for an entrepreneur to stay competitive. This means that you have to differentiate your business from others in your niche in order to build a solid customer base and, finally, become profitable.

It does not guarantee 100% success

Entrepreneurship would make your dreams come true, which does not often happen with traditional employment, but you need to make some sacrifices to make it happen. However, the venture does not guarantee 100% success.

It comes with unpredictable work schedules

One major drawback of being an entrepreneur is that more work and longer hours will be required from you than being an employee. Some entrepreneurs give up after experiencing this.

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