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Building a Dream Team for Your Company

What is a dream team?

This is a number of persons of the highest ability associated in some joint actions. It is a team or a group whose members are among the most talented in their fields whose effort combined yield synergy that lead to increased output.

Composition of a dream team

  1. Business Advisory Board (BAB); This is a group of local business and community leaders who are recruited by the owners of the business to serve as mentors. Their key role is: providing guidance and mentorship, introducing the entrepreneur to other business leaders in the community, suggesting project ideas, providing access to needed resources, funding opportunities, giving feedback on projects and presentation etc. They are able to guide you in the right direction and answer any question you might be having. The experts share their experience whether good or bad so that you can learn from their mistakes.
  2. The supporters; These are persons who supports you in thin and thick, when you have ideas and things you want to do, they are right there with you, helping you figure out things.
  3. The trailblazer; These are persons who always think outside the box, that is, comes up with new and exciting ways to do things. They keep up to date with technology and new techniques, and they won’t let things get out of stake. The trailblazers objectives/aim is to help you stay in the current.
  4. The disputer; these are persons who always brings you back to the earth because they view things and situations through from each and every angle. They don’t necessarily mean to pull down your idea but does make sure that all things are considered.
  5. The connectors; these are persons who know people, that is, social butterflies who know how to network. They always know someone to help you with what you need and are always happy to make the connection.
  6. The muscles; the muscle can help you set-up before an event and tear everything down afterwards.
  7. Technocrats; This are persons who are highly qualified, professional staff members who help you maneuver in business and help you reduce the risk of running the business buy use or trial and error method.  They are selected on the basis of their expertise in their areas of responsibility and knowledge e.g. accountants, lawyers etc.

Steps of building a dream team

The following are some of the steps of developing a successful dream team;

  • Define what skills and talent you need at the time; what skills do you need to have to make your business shine? At this point, it is important to think of the bigger picture and think beyond the basic skills such as customer service, finance or accounting. At this point, one only needs a list of skills and talents that you need to run your business optimally.
  • Check what talent you have within the business; at this stage look at the people you already have in your business and see how they can satisfy the talents that you require. You may be surprised that some of your employees already possess many of the talents or skills you require.
  • Look for new hires; for those talents which cannot be satisfied by what you have-in house; you need to look for them in your new hires.
  • Find out why people will leave your business and who is promotable; at this stage, look at your employees and see who is likely to leave and the reasons why they will want to leave. If they are valuable assets to the company, find out ways to to retain them if you can. If some employees are hungry for growth, put up systems in place which will allow the employee to grow and be able to take over successfully.
  • Build a talent map; Talent mapping is the use of specific formula to evaluate the readiness and performance of your current workforce against the changes ahead. The goal is to identify high-potential employees whose future development aligns with your strategic priorities. For example, if one of your biggest needs is developing mid-level sales managers for field offices, which employees have the fundamental skills and interest to pursue that career path? During a talent mapping exercise, you’re looking for a mix of current performance and future growth potential that indicates a long-term match.
  • Set clear goals and job for each role; set out clear achievable, realistic goals and timelines which your staff can measure against so that you know what the staff require in order for them to meet their targets. This is aimed to help boost their morale when they know what is required from them.
  • Study your employees and play to their strengths; it is important to watch how your employees work, what motivates them, how they communicate and what is their passion. People work styles should not be used as an excuse for bad behavior but should be taken into account where conflict situations occur.
  • Give freedom with responsibility; by giving some control over to your employees they will be able to grow in their positions. Also you will show them that you trust them to make good decisions with the business mind. By doing so, this creates great advocates for your business.
  • Finally appoint the members of Business Advisory Board with the skills, knowledge and expertise that you require from.
  1. Members of leading businesses, educational and civic organisation
  2. Members of the organisation sponsoring the business/company
  3. Members of the Mass Media
  4. Institutional administrators
  5. Religious organisation
  6. Members of various professional bodies.
  7. Representative from political arena.
  8. Local managers from national and/or State businesses
  9. Managers from local industry associations

By following the above discussed steps, one will be able to build a successful dream team for a company.

Benefits of a successful dream team to a firm

  • Helps carry your company/firm to productivity and success.
  • There’s higher retention rates which makes a lower rate of turnover.
  • Helps to attract the best talent and ensure a more natural fit between the person and work.
  • Helps/enhances the right altitude in the company’s staff hence being able to easily adopt to change.
  • Brings on board younger, fresher talent that will have more room for growth, fewer bad habits to break new ideas and perspective to workplace.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency in operations is higher, guaranteed and facilitated.
  • Innovation; it is more likely to see creativity and innovations come alive which leads to better ways of doing business.

About the Author

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